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Viton rubber seals

Product description

Viton rubber seals are components of a special material called Viton, which is a type of high performance fluorocarbon rubber (FKM). These seals are used in a variety of industrial and technical applications, especially in environments with high temperatures, aggressive chemicals or extreme conditions.

Viton rubber is noted for its excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, solvents, oils, greases and fuels. It is also known for its high temperature resistance properties, being able to operate efficiently in environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to +200°C or even higher.

Viton rubber seals are used in applications such as engine seals, chemical and petroleum plants, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They provide a reliable and durable seal in harsh conditions, helping to prevent leaks and protect equipment against corrosion and wear.

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