🇷🇴 Over 30 years of activity.

Ervan Trust SRL

The high standard of our products and the professionalism of our staff keep our company at the top of the most renowned rubber goods manufacturers in Romania.

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Production of rubber components

We specialise in the production of high quality rubber goods, providing sustainable solutions for various industrial and commercial needs.

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Rubber seals and racks

Discover our range of rubber seals and racks, designed to provide reliable sealing and cushioning solutions in a variety of industrial applications.

Durable and effective, these products are essential for protecting equipment and keeping any equipment running.

Key features include wear resistance, adaptability to different working conditions and the ability to provide an effective seal in various industrial applications.

Rubber conveyor belts and belt rollers

Discover the complete transport and material handling solutions offered by Ervan Trust, your trusted partner in the rubber products industry.

From conveyor belts and rollers to specialized belts, we are committed to providing high quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

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Who are we?

For three decades we have been dedicated to providing our partners with products and services to the highest standards.

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We offer the possibility to produce unique rubber articles based on a sketch.

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We offer complete solutions, including rubber articles and rubber repair services.

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We have a strategy that allows us to handle requests for quotation within 12 hours and ensure fast delivery of all orders.

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The products are delivered with a declaration of conformity and PRAM test bulletins obtained from an accredited laboratory in Romania.

Our partners

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Why Ervan Trust?

With a strong history in rubber manufacturing, our company continues to be a strong presence in the industry.

We are constantly trying to bring novelty to the services and products we offer and our efforts are reflected in the success of our partners.

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