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Rubber spokes

Product description

Razors are rubber plates with different types of inserts that are mounted in the lower part of the blade or snow plow, being a wear element, which comes into contact with the roadway to remove snow from the roadway.

razuri din cauciuc
Razuri din cauciuc

Technical features

Exceptional Durability at Extreme Temperatures

The high quality material gives the spokes outstanding resistance to low temperatures, ensuring optimal operation even in difficult weather conditions.

Different Uses

Adaptable for use in a variety of contexts, from municipal snow removal to industrial parks, airports and roads, these scrapers are versatile and effective in different applications.

Profitability and Sustainability

A durable and cost-effective solution for managing snow in the cold season, these rubber scrapers are a safe investment for dealing with harsh weather conditions.

Improved Snow and Ice Removal Efficiency

The optimised design and precisely shaped work surface ensures increased efficiency in clearing snow and ice, making the process of managing winter conditions easier.

We offer extensive customisation possibilities for spokes, allowing the dimensions, shapes and material properties to be tailored to customers’ exact specifications. This flexibility ensures seamless integration of components into existing systems.

Additional information

Packaging / Transport

Packaging is done with polyethylene film. Rubber mats are transported by covered and clean means of transport.

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