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Rubber sleeves

Product description

Rubber engineering boards are the perfect solution for various applications such as rubber gasketing, insulation and sealing, indicating their versatility in various applications, contributing to reliable solutions in multiple industrial contexts.

Insulating boards for locomotives

Technical plates made of different types of rubber: SBR, NBR, NEOPREN, etc.

Manșoane din cauciuc

Technical features

Customised optimisation between flexibility and strength

The variable density of the material is designed to ensure a perfect balance between flexibility and strength, thus adapting to the specific requirements of each application.

Exceptional flexibility and expandability

Elongation at break of over 300% indicates outstanding flexibility and the ability to withstand expansion without breaking under heavy use.

Adaptability to various shapes and profiles

Production includes a variety of shapes and profiles, offering flexible solutions for different sealing needs.

Sealed performance and mechanical strength

The low hardness gives the sleeves the ability to seal effectively and resist mechanical stress, ensuring long-term durability.

Superior tensile strength

The sleeves have outstanding tensile strength, demonstrating the ability of the material to withstand mechanical stress without damage.

Operability in extreme temperature conditions

Operational temperature resistance between -30°C and +70°C makes the sleeves suitable for applications in environments with wide temperature variations.

Extensive variety of customizable thicknesses and sizes

Available in a range of thicknesses for multiple applications, up to larger thicknesses for heavy-duty conditions, the sleeves can be customised to meet specific application requirements, including variable internal and external diameter sizes.

We offer extensive customisation possibilities for sleeves, allowing the dimensions, shapes and material properties to be tailored to customers’ exact specifications. This flexibility ensures seamless integration of components into existing systems.

Additional information

Packaging / Transport

Packaging is done with polyethylene film. Rubber mats are transported by covered and clean means of transport.

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