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Draught-proofing and heating fittings

Product description

Specially designed seals for thermoforming and vacuum machines ensure perfect sealing and excellent performance in production processes. Manufactured from high quality materials and adapted to the specific requirements of these applications, our gaskets are the ideal solution to achieve superior results in thermoforming and vacuum forming.

What are the main features?

  • Provides thermal insulation of material processing equipment and production machinery.
  • Ensures perfect sealing of milk processing plants, avoiding leakage and product contamination.
  • Thermal insulation of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Garnituri termovidare și termoficare

Technical features

Maximum tightness

Gaskets provide excellent sealing in thermoforming and vacuuming processes, preventing leakage and maintaining the pressure and vacuum required to achieve the desired results.

High quality material

Made from tough, durable materials, the seals withstand high temperatures, wear, chemicals and mechanical action, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Customisation available

We offer customisation options to meet the specific requirements of your thermoforming and vacuum machines.

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